Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport by architect Calatrava


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I visited Lyon’s airport, the Saint-Exupéry, today, and I discovered its architect, Santiago Calatrava. He is well-known for his very characteristic buildings : they look like skeletons,  with spines or ribs, or insect-like structures, as he uses metal structures, concrete and glass, but also unusual forms. He can manage the technical difficulties his ideas create because he is an engineer as well as an architect, and his work as a sculptor also shows in his architecture, which makes him very precious and unique. I appreciate his work, because it is very sensitive, vibrant, and they convey strong emotions: no spectator can stay neutral about it.

The airport and its connecting train station opened in 1994 and reminds of a bird or insect going to take off. I appreciate it, both inside and outside: it is very interesting and powerful, and I like Calatrava’s architectures in general.

Camera : Nikon D 3200.