Universal Exposition Milano 2015


Shared from my dedicated blog leadotphotography.com

Universal expositions are ponctual events which gather countries, the aim being at first to show their technologic development and innovations. The Milano Exposition took place in 2015 under the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for life, as they are actual matters : I got the chance to visit it for a weekend. It followed the Shanghai Exposition of 2010, which had introduced these issues of health and well-being with another theme, Better City, Better Life. The goal was to show how countries related to these issues, and how they could answer it : the situation in the world is becoming threatening, and countries need to find solutions for energy resources, food, water and health.

The different pavilions were interesting in a architectural way and by their contents. As the whole world can participate, some countries, less developed, rather tried to put themselves forward and explain their culture to people who didn’t necessary know about them, which I thought was very interesting. More important countries tried to answer the issues, or not : if some were deceitful, others were great and I really enjoyed my trip.

Camera : Nikon D 3200.