Renovation of a Cottage


The project was about renovating a cottage in the Vosges, France. Indeed, the house was quite small and inappropriate for a family life : the couple of owners used it only to sleep, as they mainly stayed outside during the day. With the arrival of children, they wanted to expand the house, adapt it for children and improve the interiors.

Therefore, I chose to expand the house on one side in order to create a large and open living room, and have a distinct night space for the children and bathrooms in the other part of the house. I separated clearly the two areas, night and day, and worked in order to propose two bedrooms of acceptable size for the children, as the previous ones were really small, and have a lively and comfortable area for life in common.

I enjoyed this project because there were real constraints and I was able to work on the house in its totality.

Model :  scale 1:10.