B&B : Professional project


It is the end of course project, which takes place at the end of the 2 year course and on which I worked for about 3 or 4 months.

I chose to work on a Bed&Breakfast because I wanted to work on private spaces but with a notion of exchanges, encounters. I often travel in the United Kingdom and visited a lot of Bed&Breakfasts : it is something I enjoy and I wanted to think about their architecture in a more in-depth manner. I chose to locate it in Strasbourg, which is very touristic in summer and winter, and to keep to two rooms and propose a high quality service in order to focus on a small architecture.

I used an existing house in a calm area of the city, but not far from the centre. In the garden, I created an extension : the middle point is the dining area but also where everyone meets. On either sides, the owners keep their house and the two bedrooms for the guest are opposite. The two sleeping areas, the owners’ house and the rooms, are on two levels whereas the common room is on one: I wanted to mark the difference but still link the two areas with a communicating space.

The continuity between them is visible, as well as the additions’ shape. The space is well organised and the stairs lead to the second room, which is on top of the first. I worked on the interior of the rooms in detail in order to create comfortable spaces for the visitors. In the basement, I also created a well-being point with sauna, SPA and seats.

Outside, the garden is well taken care of and, to go to the elevated ground floor, there are either steps or a very smooth path circling the garden, and also is a very agreeable walk.