Coffee Dock


For this big project, the aim was to create a coffee dock in the college’s student centre, in which a big empty space is usually reserved for events.

On a floor area of 10×10 m, I decided to create a glass box, in order to separate customers from passersby without enclosing them too much. Held with silicone joints, the module seems open and light. However, to give intimacy to customers, I also closed a certain amount of panels by replacing the glass by Corten steel : the light is still entering but clients are partly hidden.

For this project in particular, I worked on furniture too. Indeed, I used wood panels to create table, vertically following the partitions then curving towards the inside to create a table – though the sketches explains it better than words. I used this specific shape to create some sort of repetition : the tables on the first floor “repeated” under the ceiling to create support for pendant lights – again, this idea is more explicit on the sketches.

I worked thouroughly on details for this project : I also created the coffee’s logo, for instance, which I will explain in another post.