Coffee Dock on Photoshop


In the previous project, I worked on the coffee dock. As I said, I gave a great attention to the details for this project. I especially created a devoted logo : I used the letter f to represent the design of the coffee, which you can see on the boards.

I originally presented my work on boards, as software was not allowed on this project. However, to develop my Photoshop skills, I used this project and created three presentation boards on it. I used my hand sketches and worked on them on Photoshop to render materials, especially glass and Corten steel, but also the lights for example. This is also when I created the logo and decided of the layout of my boards : I used this work for my paper presentation as well.

In addition to the plans, elevations, sections and 3D perspectives, I included concept sketches, a context map, pictures of the model and also materials and a design statement, to explain my concept.