United Colours of Benetton’s shop


In a shop located in the Capitol, a new shopping centre that is being built in Cork, I created a clothes shop, both for men and women.

I chose to work on the brand United Colours of Benetton, because they have a strong personality and values, and I like the way they use colours in their designs. I created a shop in which partitions crossed the floor plan in obliques, creating small areas. I distinguished these by giving them a specific colour. The design is quite strong but it is counterbalanced by simple, rough concrete walls and a sober floor.

The women’s clothes and their changing rooms are located on the ground floor, as studies show they are the ones that mostly shop. On the other hand, I located the staff’s kitchen, office and toilets on the first floor, which is of reduced size as there also is a mezzanine : however, only about 50% of customers actually reach the first floor.

On both floor, the partitions do not reach the ceiling, and it creates interesting voids. Except the partition supporting the stairs, which creates a unity and links the two floors together, as does the zigzag mezzanine.