Foscarini’s exhibition stand – Step 2


For the final presentation of the exhibition stand project, I continued with the same concept I explained previously, with perforated black metal boxes to display lamps and meeting points on both floors, also displaying other lamps from the same collection.

The boxes, or display areas, are made of two panels of perforated metal in order to have enough strenght to support the first floor. In each of them, I display 3 collection lamps and on both floors, storage is included and hidden within the panels. The ground floor overall height is quite important in order to give a sense of space, and not of confinement, to the meeting areas : however, a lowered ceiling in the display areas makes them, in contrast, feel more enclosed and dark in order to emphasis on the lighting.

The double thickness also enabled me to insert the brand’s logo, Foscarini, between the two panels : bright red, it is still readable and is visible from both sides, though the patterns run above it. The seats are also red in order to hint at the brand’s colour, and there is a reception point where clients and visitors can be greeted.

I used Photoshop to create boards and insert the perforated metal pattern in my drawings. However, I rendered them all lightly by hand and photography does not make them justice. The model is very explicit and makes the design fairly understandable, as I showed the perforated metal pattern on one side of a box.


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