Photoshop exhibition stand project – Step 1


For the main Photoshop project of this semester, I worked with the Foscarini’s exhibition stand project in order to create two new boards only using software, to practice and improve my skills.

I used the same drawings and perspectives, but I worked over them to render them. Indeed, for my studio project, I had rendered by hand every drawing and had only used Photoshop to include the perforated metal pattern to my sketches. I used this occasion to improve some sketches by adding details or background, and I can see a clear difference between the two methods. Though I enjoy hand rendering, I also feel some of the sketches are more powerful and have more impact using software.

I did every drawing separately, as I will display here : my next step is to create two boards and asociate all the drawings to explain my design. Here are a few of the sketches I already worked on.