The Railway Bar project – Step 1


For this project, I worked on the creation of a bar in an existing site in Cork, Ireland. Located in a popular area for evenings out and with an important number of others pubs around, it had to be very special to compete.

Quite big, the building is pretty rough, with a main curved wall with large windows. The ceiling is high with visible old traditional timber beams, which is interesting. In addition, three regular rooms are located on one side. The idea is to create a bar with a mezzanine, which asks for an important reflexion concerning heights, toilets and a small local storage area : we consider the main storage spaces and kitchen are in the other building and are not working on it.

I chose to keep the beams, which have a strong impact, and created a local feature with a copper suspension reflecting the shape of the beam. In addition to creating a main attraction, is creates a definite floor area for specific tables. A lounge area is created under and above the mezzanine, whereas bar stools and tables run along the wall.

In addition to the copper suspension, I used copper suspended lights to remind of the colour at other spaces and created a strong turquoise wall behind the bar, which has a black granite counter top. The other walls are grey, with a darker and smoother line under the window and then a rougher and lighter grey above. I also used timber panels to create partitioned lounge areas under the mezzanine, and used the same material to create the bar and the shelves.

With a high ceiling and luminous space thanks to the large windows, I used a darker floor : dark polished concrete, which hexagon shaped tiles at the bar, in shapes of grey.

Here are some concept and research sketches.