Office layout for Zazzle


I worked on the creation of a plan layout for a young company’s, Zazzle, offices. The brief required different work spaces with a specified number of desks and seats, as well as meeting areas, managers’ offices and a rest space with a kitchen. The office was meant to accomodate 5 teams of 7 members, including the managers, as well as a CEO.

The building used the office was not very big to fit that amount of different working spaces. Indeed, the client also required, for example, a conference room able to fit in 25 people, which is both very important and rarely used. I therefore tried to meet the brief while proposing different, modular spaces which could be used for different activities.

I used curved furniture and created team desks fitting 4 people, as well as a larger manager’s desk with a meeting point. I did not want closed offices as the teams and the managers work together, but the different spaces and heights create more or less private and enclosed spaces. In addition, I used the curved partitions to create additional seating and work spaces different from the team’s desk in order to create variety and give choice to the employees. I placed these working spaces aligned close to the large window bays, in order to provide natural light to everyone.

I also used circular partitions to create meeting spaces in another spaces. These partitions are not fixed and can be elevated to create a large open area, and brought down on command to have smaller meeting spaces. The seats are curved and not fixed : there are a large number and they can be moved around to fit the meeting areas depending on the demand. When the circular partitions are up, a large space is left, and the seats can then be assembled to create a larger conference space. The back wall also is a blackboard, which enables people to write on it, work and brainstorm during meetings for example.

The kitchen fits a large dining table as well as a few high seating tables for coffee breaks. Part of the closest meeting area’s circular partition cannot be removed and create a fixed partition with the kitchen without needing to enclose it completely.

Zazzle plan