The Railway Bar project – Step 2


I worked on the creation of a bar in Cork, as I explained previously. In my final design, I kept all the features I had decided upon, with a bit more refinement : a copper suspension-sculpture, dark timber panels, grey walls and turquoise panels behind the bar. The overall aesthetic is quite dark due to the materials, however, the large windows and the suspended lights create spots of light around which people gather.

I used AutoCAD to draw the plans and the sections, and I partly rendered them with Photoshop. I also party rendered them by hand, and chose to keep the plans and a view in pencil to have a variety of techniques and more sober drawings, as the strong colours I used could have being too much present otherwise.

For my presentation, I also created a logo for the bar, using the suspension which evokes the beams. On the other hand, I created a model to show the bar and the materials I used, mostly timber, turquoise MDF panels and tiles, at a scale of 1:10.

Here are some of the final drawings, and the three boards I used to present them.