Work placement summer 2017 : les agenceurs


I used the summer time for a work placement in France, in a small interior and graphic design practice in Strasbourg, Les Agenceurs.

During two months, I mostly worked on on-going projects and drew detailed drawings for tendering of furniture and design elements. I also listed specified elements such as furniture and lighting, and did a lot of research for inspiration and concepts for new projects.

I got to see different projects, mostly restaurants and hotels, and work on details for each of them. I also got the chance to be able to present research and concept for a new project, a hotel in Colmar : I worked with a few inspirations from the clients and developped a more refined concept. I also had the chance to meet different contractors who brought samples of their products in order to explain their characteristics to the practice.

I used AutoCad, SketchUp, InDesign and Photoshop daily, which enabled me to practice a lot and gain confidence.

For confidential reasons, I cannot display my work on the internet, but it is possible to see it in an interview. Here are a few views of the last project I worked on, a concept for a hotel.