The Boulevard


As I explained for the concept of this project, I worked on the creation of different student spaces in the narrow boulevard in the Architecture Factory.

I included studying spaces, workshops and library as well as casual relax areas and a kitchenette. I stuck to my concept idea and refined the different areas I worked on. I chose to work with OSB boards, which brought a touch of a more natural, soft and warmer material in contrast to the very industrial and cold building. Touches of colours define the different spaces, and the partitions used 3D elements, such as sides, partial ceilings and painted floors to create spaces. Most areas are more or less open, thanks to changing partition heights, whereas some are more enclosed, such as the meeting room or the kitchen, for more privacy. The partitions also contributes to separating the areas from the existing studios, where lectures take place, in order to avoid distractions.

I also worked on lighting quite a bit, especially for spaces such as the eating area or the stairs, in order to enhance the design and create strong points.

This created a sober but functional and aesthetic space, as well as very realistic and respecting the tight budget I had to worked with. Here are the final boards I presented for this project, explaining how the space works and the different areas I have.