The Accountants office


For the first project of this semester, I worked on the creation of offices for an accountants firm in part of the Melbourne building, in CIT.

I chose this time to create a functional space, using oblique partitions in some areas to create dynamism. In addition, one challenge was lighting, as windows were only on the North and East elevations of the building : I therefore worked with glazed partitions on the first floor, and an open plan on the ground floor to let the light flow towards the inside and let everyone benefit from it. The large skylight featuring the stairs, at the back of the building, also helped.

The reception of the firm is on the first floor, which also hosts the partners and the director’s offices, as well as their PAs, meeting rooms and the board room. The space is more enclosed but thanks to glazed partitions, voids and breaks on the Eastern elevations, it doesn’t feel as such. The ground floor is much more open and hosts audits, auditors and secretaries. The only closed areas are the two meeting rooms, but their partitions create an impression of closenessness and privacy, and the employees don’t feel to vulnerable in that open space.