Union Quay Architects


For the last 3rd year project, I worked on the creation of an architects’ practice offices in Cork, on Union Quay.

On the two floors, I chose to keep the existing, strong bricks walls, which brought a specific identity to the building. Windows were only existent on two opposite side of the building, and the long, narrow space in-between could become quite dark : I created several voids, highlighted by skylights, to reduce this effect.

In addition, I tried to keep the space quite open, with very little partitions. The oblique metal handrails, which go all the way from the ground floor to the first floor, create a pattern which also becomes a visual separation. I also used this pattern to create a strong reception area.


On the ground floor, around the reception desk is an exhibition space, in which the firm can display its most recent work. It also includes a waiting area, the directors offices, meeting and boardrooms. The first floor gathers 4 studios along with a sample library, light boxes, model making area and other elements necessary to a design project. On the ground floor, there also is an alternative workspace which can become a fifth studio when the firm grows.

The project was quite challenging, as the space was large but also required a lot of different areas to work. I also had to consider fire safety and research fire regulations for the escape stairs, for example, as well as ramps and accessibility aspects.