Personal project : concept for Belval


This is a small personal project that I started. My parents have a house in the Vosges, in France, on a forest site. It was built at the end of the 19th century and needs to be fully upgraded in order for them to be able to live full time in it.

The house is facing West and is on a slope, so it has a nice view. I worked a bit on a concept : the focus was to make the first floor the main flat for my parents, with the view and sun, as there is an existing very large room, with a high sloped ceiling and apparent timber trusses. The ground floor would be kept, for budget purposes, mostly as existing and would be used as summer guest bedrooms.

The house needs a new roof, new insulation and  that sort of elements, but I mostly worked on an interior architecture suggestion. I did it mostly for fun, to imagine what the house could become.