PepTalk with Michelle Fogarty

I participated to a conference taking place at the Republic of Work in Cork, and organised by the Cork Entrepreneurs Network : “Taking care of the brand of you”. After Jonathan Healy and a talk on interview skills and relation to medias, I enjoyed a presentation of Pep Talk and well being by Michelle Fogarty. She is the founder of Pep Talk in Dublin, which provides advice and strategies to company to improve their employees’ well being and sense of community at work.

I had a special interest in Michelle Fogarty as my research project includes well building, and more specifically the WELL building standard. Michelle presented facts and data, along with simple solutions.

According to her, a 2017 study found that …

WISH FOR (% of people asked)REALITY (% of people asked)
70 % want to be more active62 % are overweight or (medically) obese
80 % want to eat better40 % are totally or extremely inactive during the day
40 % want to take better care of their mental health55 % find their major work related concern is stress and anxiety

… which is quite impressive, and concerning. Three simple solutions :

  • Mindfulness for resilience and stress (as or more efficient than medication)
  • Activity for mood, productivity and stress reduction (study shows 30-60 minutes of medium sport in a working week increases performance by 15 %)
  • Food has an impact on our cognitive performance (a 2014 study shows employees eating up to 7 portions of fruit/vegs a day have increased happiness, productivity and time management skills)

Food for thought !

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