Communities : major 4th year design project


Fourth year in CIT involves a year-long project, which has to be thoroughly developed throughout both semesters, associated with in-depth research and detailed results. This section of my portfolio will be dedicated to displaying my researches and progress during the semesters.

The 2018/19 theme is about communities. I will rehabilitate a building into a new use, including some notions within co-living, co-working, collaborative workspaces, intergenerational spaces, library spaces for community engagement… The possibilities are vast within this theme.

Regardless of the topic(s) I choose to explore, the building must be of mixed uses and include alternative spaces such as cafés, food spaces… or others, which are part of our living styles.

Firkin Crane, Cork – an example of a suitable building.

The challenge is to pick and old industrial or commercial building, built before 1970 and capable of taking 3 storeys internally. It must be able to accommodate my proposed use and be complex enough to make it a challenging 4th year project.

Some pre-project work include recording the building, identifying elements such as construction type, materiality, conservation aspects, mechanical and electrical installations but also its urban context, views, traffic patterns and external spaces. In addition, I will include a lot of research of precedents and existing similar projects.

The project sounds passionating and I am looking for a suitable building, close enough for me to visit, as well as previous similar projects.