Hi !

I am a French student in Interior Architecture, and I will graduate from a BSc Honours degree in June 2019.

Before moving to Ireland, I successfully completed a 3 year course in Space Design in France : I studied architecture, landscaping and interior architectures, along with software and art classes.

I then entered a BSc Honours in Interior Architecture in second year in Cork, Ireland : I wanted to continue my studies and chose to move to an English-speaking country in order to improve my language skills and discover another way of viewing design. I am perfectly fluent in French and English, written and spoken.

In addition, my two 8-weeks work placements in France in interior architecture practices enabled me to discover the professional environment, practice my software skills and meet architects. I am also currently working part time as a CAD designer at Post Formed Systems in Ballincollig.

Passionate about my work, this is a portfolio of the different projects I have achieved throughout the years, in architecture but also in all sorts of arts. With a brief description, I present the most representative pictures of my work, from coursework but also work placement.

I am efficient in different softwares : I am confident with AutoCad, SketchUp, Photoshop and Indesign, which I use for all my projects. I also started to work with Shaderlight and Lumion, rendering software, and DiaLux for lighting.

You can have a look at my CV here, or find on Linkedin !

Don’t hesitate to contact me at lea_laurent@orange.fr !