Research thesis : abstract

12.12.2018 The first draft of the research project is submitted in December, after four months of work. it involves the presentation chapters, with the introduction and literature review, as well as the background research chapters and a structured plan for the case study. The importance of natural light in generating well being in interior architecture … Continue reading Research thesis : abstract

Bonded Warehouse : mid term reflection

12.12.2018 For the end of the semester, I presented a drop displaying the concept I am working on for the Bonded Warehouse, as well as inspiration and mapping concepts. I have agreed with my lecturers to reduce the space I am working on : instead of trying to design the entire building, which is 2,000 … Continue reading Bonded Warehouse : mid term reflection

Bonded Warehouse : Concept

25.10.2018 Midway through the semester, here is an update of the Bounded Warehouse project. It includes creating arcades on both sides of the ground floor, and remove the doors, to have interior warehouses connecting with the exterior space, with pop-up shops and cafés punctuating the length of the building, as well as a reception and … Continue reading Bonded Warehouse : Concept