12.04.2016 I recently worked on the thematic of the lines. I chose to recreate coastal lines : with a thin black pen, I copied and repeated the frontier several times with a little offset each time, to represent the movements of the sea, that comes and goes. I chose to do a tryptic on this … Continue reading Lines


25.02.2016 A thematic I worked on was the Cosmos. In order to develop this notion, I visited an exhibition on the Cosmos at the European Centre of Contemporary Art Actions in Strasbourg, France (CEAAC) and I discovered an artist, Stephanie Abben. I was seduced by her work and took inspiration from her for my work. … Continue reading Cosmos


12.03.2014 Pylons are very graphic elements. The project was to represent them and emphasis this strong graphic aspect with charcoal. The idea was to focus on the geometry and linearity of the models. I really enjoyed this project, both the subject and the material used. I realised essays on A3 formats in order to create … Continue reading Pylons


05.02.2014 I decided to pursue a project that I had completed in class and had appreciated very much. I continued to experiment different plastic methods using different kinds of materials and techniques. I tried to diversify my methods and techniques, using newspapers, acrylics, pencils, inks. I also played on the link between the plastic representation … Continue reading Typographies