Lighting calculations with Dialux

27.11.2017 Knowing how many lights are needed and how many lux a space requires is essential for a space to be user-friendly and comfortable to use. A software I just discovered, DiaLux, allows me to calculate if my lighting is adequate by drawing up the building, changing the materials in order to take their characteristics … Continue reading Lighting calculations with Dialux

Light rendering software : Shaderlight and Lumion

24.11.2017 In order to continue my work on lighting, I also discovered and practiced two rendering softwares, which I enjoy very much. The first one, Shaderlight, works as an add-on to SketchUp : I can put different kinds of lights and modify the materials in order to make them more or less reflective... so that … Continue reading Light rendering software : Shaderlight and Lumion

The Boulevard Lighting Scheme

27.09.2017 In order to enhance my design and improve the quality of the space, I also worked on a lighting scheme for the boulevard project. I presented sketches for all the different areas (study, library, light boxes, kitchen, eating area, phone booths, etc...) to show the atmosphere I wanted to create and ways of achieving … Continue reading The Boulevard Lighting Scheme